Dent-Correct, provides a mobile service specializing in cosmetic paint repairs such as scratches, stains, scuff marks and faded paint. We also provide a machine mopping car polishing service to restore your car's paint to a deep gleaming shine. The cut and polish service is perfect if you have bought a second hand car, have a special occasion coming up or you'd like to maximize profit when selling your car..

The diagram on the left will show you the level of scratch repairs we provide. Generally most light scratches are only through the clearcoat of the factory paint. These can be wet sanded and machine polished out to leave no visible evidence of there ever being a scratch in the first place. If the scratch has broken through the clearcoat and into the basecoat or primer, we will then look at repairing the damage with touch in paints. We will need to take your paint code to match the vehicles exact colour. Once the touch in process is complete, we will then machine polish the repair and blend the scratch in with your vehicles factory finish.


Scratch repairs to clearcoat only £25.00 - £65.00 inc VAT.

Depending on the length and depth of damage.

Scratch repairs to basecoat (Touch in Paint) £45.00 - £90.00 inc VAT.

Depending on the length and depth of damage.

Paint Restoration starts from £65.00 - £125.00 inc VAT.

Depending on the size of the vehicle.